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*RADICAL ACT a documentary about women who rock is now available*
Portland, OR* --  A Million Movies a Minute is proud to announce its latest
release *RADICAL ACT*. This feature-length documentary covers the
contributions made by women in the 1990s indie rock scene and features Kathleen
Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre), Toshi Reagon, Gretchen Phillips, Melissa York
(Team Dresch), Kim Coletta (Jawbox, co-founder of DeSoto Records) and more!

In the summer of 1995, filmmaker Tex Clark traveled around the country to
interview female musicians, journalists and historians about how their
sexual and gender identity impacted their lives and informed their
work. *RADICAL
ACT* captures a moment in indie rock history and speaks to the universal
experience of finding your voice in an indifferent and occasionally hostile

Clark is now an Assistant Federal Public Defender at Public Defender's
office in Portland, but continues to draw inspiration from her filmmaking

*RADICAL ACT* is both a historical document and a celebration of the
artistic and political contributions of these artists to a larger movement
and legacy by creating their own subculture. Erin Donovan, founder of A
Million Movies a Minute stated, "It's incredible how much things have
changed in 15 years. The film serves as a reminder of how much women's
access in independent music as well as pay tribute to the women who knocked
down those barriers."

Full list of participants include Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre), Toshi
Reagon, Gretchen Phillips, Melissa York (Team Dresch, Vitapup, The Butchies),
Kim Coletta (Jawbox, co-founder of DeSoto Records), Shirlé Hale (Mary Lou
Lord, Gerty, Womyn of Destruction), Sharon Topper (God is My
Co-Pilot), journalist
Evelyn McDonnell ("*Mamarama: A Memoir of Sex, Kids and Rock ‘n’ Roll*" and
"*Rock She Wrote: Women Write About Rock, Pop and Rap"*), author Vicky Starr
("KD Lang: All You Get Is Me") and Dr. Kay Turner (now Folk Arts Director of
Brooklyn Arts Council).

*RADICAL ACT* screened at the 1996 Outfest Film Festival and was included in
Miranda July's "Joanie For Jackie chainletter" collection of short films.

See "Radical Talks", a series of conversations with some of the participants
looking back on the last 15 years. Available at:

Other A Million Movies a Minute releases include *After the War: Life-post
Yugoslavia*, a multi-lensed examination of the experiences in the Balkan
region and *Animating Reality*, a collection of animated documentaries.

*Available on DVD:* http://www.buyolympia.com/q/Item=radical-act-dvd

*Available to rent on VOD:* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82NLr9TlOI4

*View the Trailer:* http://bit.ly/RadActTrailer
*Stills available at:* http://bit.ly/RadAct
*DVD Extras include: *Director commentary with Tex Clark.

*All press requests can be directed to:*  press at millionmoviesaminute.com 503

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