[TypicalGirls] TG and Web 3.0?

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Fri Dec 2 19:24:35 EST 2011

Thank you Dina. There is a memorial for Laura Kennedy at Bowery Electric in NYC on Dec 28th. The Tetras will be play and considering that Cynthia has recently made the move to LA, this may be the last performance... certainly for some time. 
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> Dear Friends,
> It hasn't escaped me that listserves are web 1.0 and that social media is web 2.0 -- which is why we have typical girls facebook. I finally got around to joining lastfm (find me at dlhornreich) which turned out to be better than I expected. 
> My point (meandering as it is - at best) is that I wonder what the future of typical girls will be considering how clunky listserves have become. I also wonder what platform web 3.0 technology will bring as I try to sustain this interest group.
> I was 24 when I created the listserv back in 1999. As I look back, I feel so pleased with what has become of our interest group and how many amazing people it has brought together -- and how many amazing projects it has stimulated. I am honored by all of your presence and interests. I still regret missing the big party at the Knitting Factory. I can be such a scatter brain when things get crazy.
> So, I invite your suggestions as I have realized that the chatter on this list has died out. Should I be trying to stimulate new discussions, I wonder?
> And btw, I was deeply saddened by the recent loss on the Bush Tetras front.
> Best wishes,
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