[TypicalGirls] The F-Word Features Women in punk: the disappearing years

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No Dina, good catch.

As, like Caroline Coon, an old hippy I liked this bit, only too true

Coon said: “First of all, in retrospect, the male punks were actually
> fulfilling a rather orthodox, rite of passage male youth rebellion. All
> young men, whether they are aristocrats, Oxford undergraduates in the
> Bullington Club for instance, or working class football hooligans, they are
> indulged in their drunkenness, in their swearing, in their destroying
> things. Traditionally, for centuries of British culture, young men are
> allowed to get drunk, destroy, create anti-social havoc - and then they
> settle down, and they are absorbed back into adult male patriarchal
> culture.”

 This licence, she believes, didn’t extend to young women. “What was truly
> revolutionary and a marker of progress in society, which utterly depended
> upon the advances made by the feminist movement, was that the punk
> generation women had… certain freedoms that were becoming well established
> in law, that enabled them for the first time of any subcultural movement to
> actually be on an equal par with male punks.” She contrasted the punk period
> with the hippy period of the late 1960s, when women “were meant to be
> decorative arm-pieces, Dolly Birds. We had to sit at home, embroidering
> jeans.” And she sees the hippies’ treatment of their ‘chicks’ as a key
> instigator of second wave feminism.

It continues into as good a discussion of punk and feminism as I've read


On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 6:00 PM, Dina Hornreich <dina.hornreich at gmail.com>wrote:

> While exploring the world of folksonomies, I found this on delicious.
> http://www.thefword.org.uk/features/2010/07/women_in_punk_t_1
> Am I the only one who missed this?
> -Dina
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