[TypicalGirls] Ari-Up tribute

Dina Hornreich dina.hornreich at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 16:49:07 EST 2010

Dear friends,

I was thinking about the Ari-Up tribute idea this morning. I have another idea. 

Since I am back in graduate school -- where I am studying to become both a reference librarian and a digital librarian -- wouldn't it make sense for me to create something like the beginnings of a Women in Punk online multimedia library or archive dedicated to Ari-Up (maybe named after her)? So I could apply my new learning to a topic I know and love as well as honor her legacy?

It may take some time to develop, and I know this falls under the category of many projects you folks are already doing (sharon cheslow, jenny woolworth, jason gross, joly, and the so many others I am obviously forgetting), but I'd like to do something more inspirational and historic. I would like to start small just for class projects and assignments, and then maybe I could get some grant money to fund something bigger? 

 Your input is encouraged here.

...and thanks to those who volunteered to help with the ezine concept. (I'm still going to need help!)

Dina Hornreich
dina.hornreich at gmail.com

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