[TypicalGirls] Ut in November @ Issue Project Room (Brooklyn)

Dan Selzer dan at acuterecords.com
Sat Jul 17 03:13:40 EDT 2010

This is the first I'm hearing about it! I know some of the people at
IPR, despite never actually having gone, despite working part-time for
almost a year at a letterpress shop in the same building! Though I'm
not sure they'll still be in that building by November, they've been
preparing for a move to downtown brooklyn for some time.

Anyway, pretty exciting stuff.


p.s. for those in the NYC area (or otherwise interested), I'm
collecting email addresses for yet another mailing list to promote my
DJ activities, as I realize Facebook alone won't do. I used mailchimp
to create a sign-up form at http://eepurl.com/Fjcz and even added a
fun survey you can totally ignore.

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