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Fri Jan 22 17:11:16 EST 2010

picked this up at Aquarius Records in SF and know you will all LOVE it

[image: MR052EP.JPEG]

Chin Chin - We Don't Wanna Be Prisoners 7" (Mississippi Records)

"From Biel Switzerland comes this little known group. One of the few
all-girl bands (along with Kleenex/Lilliput) to come out of the early '80s
Swiss punk scene. Chin Chin definitely considered themselves a punk band.
Although their catchy pop vocals and harmonies strongly align them with the
burgeoning C86 scene. They shared bills with The Shop Assistants, Television
Personalities, The Pogues and New Model Army, before the band drifted into
obscurity. This 7" was originally released in 1984 on the band's own, Farmer
Records. It contains 3 self-penned songs and marks their first and punkest
release. Keep your eyes peeled for their full length LP out soon as a split
between the Mississippi and Slumberland labels."

you can order it here in the US:

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