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Tue Oct 20 14:44:51 EDT 2009

Thanks for the info, Shirley!

Ah, that's the footage from Poland that Ana was telling me about this  
weekend. I thought it was only going to be in Gina's film. Yay us!  
Thank you for including these goodies.

Now as for the name of your label, "We ThRee"...  I get the capital  
"R" standing for "Raincoats." Are the three Ana, Gina, and you, i.e.  
the original Raincoats members? Is this label for Raincoats releases  
only or will you be releasing music by other artists?

Come back to the US sooner than last time, Raincoats!  : )


On Oct 20, 2009, at 1:54 PM, Shirley O'Loughlin wrote:

> Hi there Lydia,
> We are re-releasing the first album 'The Raincoats' on our own label
> We ThRee, to mark the 30th anniversary of the album's release in 1979
> in approx 2 weeks time and it's available through RoughTrade.com and
> Cargo. The difference between the KRS version and ours is that our
> version is re-mastered from the original tapes and is pressed on
> heavyweight 180g vinyl - it also includes an MP3 download like KRS.
> We are releasing a special edition digipak CD on 9th November with
> original 1993 liner notes by Kurt Cobain, and updated notes by Ana and
> some new notes by Gina. All original photos and drawings from 1993
> rescanned and printed in colour so although all is black and white it
> looks
> really warm and rich - in fact me and Ana just returned from the
> printers this minute after approving the printing proofs.
> The CD is enhanced and contains footage shot on Super 8 film in Warsaw
> in 1977 by Ana's sister Maria Helena and edited by Gina, on Super 8
> with the line up of Ana, Gina, Jeremie Frank and Nick Turner. There is
> also Super 8 footage of the last show that Palmolive played with the
> band
> at the Deptford Albany, London in June 1979 by Ana's cousin Manuel
> Castilho, and the line up is Ana, Gina, Palmolive and Vicky.
> We have also included the video Gina directed in 1995 for Fairytale in
> the Supermarket.
> Ok - that's the latest Raincoats news - We ThRee - our label via Rough
> Trade and Cargo.
> Shirley
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