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Tue Oct 20 09:37:20 EDT 2009

I have one extra Raincoats t-shirt that I bought at their show in  
Brooklyn this weekend. It is an American Apparel "Classic Girl" large  
but turned out to be a bit too small for my tastes, so I later got a  
non-fitted men's one. (For reference, I'm an woman's size 8-10, 34D  
bra....weird revealing that here, but I am a believer in a perfect  
fit!). It's 100% organic cotton and is very soft.The image and  
background (t-shirt color) are the same as the front cover of the  
band's first single "Fairytale in the Supermarket" (Google Image  
Result for http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_uB-0D-gV8mY/SBprxLFJjRI/AAAAAAAAIeY/-wTpObsHqFI/s400/raincoats 
). This (new and unworn) shirt is available to you, with a bonus of  
the two new (and very cool) badges that they had for sale at the show,  
for $15 + shipping to the first person who replies directly to me. As  
far as I know, it is not currently available elsewhere.

Further to Dee's interest in Viv Albertine's new recorded material, I  
also have ten copies of her new four-track + 2 video CD EP to sell for  
her. The audio tracks are "Never Come," "I Don't Believe/In Love" (my  
personal favorite at the moment), "If Love," "The False Heart," and  
the videos are for "If Love" and "The False Heart." Added bonus: The  
image on the CD itself is not to be missed! Price is $5 + shipping.

These offers are for US residents only. If you want to buy either (or  
both) of these items, e-mail me, and I'll invoice you via PayPal and  
get your goodies out to you. First come, first served!


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