[TypicalGirls] Raincoats tonight in Brooklyn

dan bailey dpbailey at att.net
Sat Oct 17 10:55:21 EDT 2009

Will do! I also need to specify somewhere that I'm not you on Facebook, but 
I can't easily dig up the URL for that because I'm at home on wood-burning 
dial-up & using Opera, which for some reason doesn't show web addresses at 
top, though maybe I've just configured it wrong & am too slow to figure out 
how to rectify the matter ...

Dan not-Selzer
not http://www.acuterecords.com/blog
not not http://www.acuterecords.com/blog
not in NY (or anywhere else socioculturally civilized in any way, shape or 
not owner of an extremely cool reissue label
not a DJ

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>> Dan not-Selzer
> feel free to add:
> "not http://www.acuterecords.com/blog"
> while you're at it...I can use all the publicity I can get!
> also "not http://www.danselzer.com"! My new self-promo site work in 
> progress...
> dan
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