[TypicalGirls] Raincoats tonight in Brooklyn

dan bailey dpbailey at att.net
Sat Oct 17 10:09:53 EDT 2009

For once in my life, I can say without a trace of jealousy that I'm happy 
for all of y'all who got to see this gig ...

Anybody got a setlist? I'm especially curious to see how much (if any) of 
Looking in the Shadows got played. (I think the only thing I ever won off 
the 'net was a Looking in the Shadows shirt from Rough Trade in the UK. Wish 
I could still wear it, but that was, ummm, a few dozen pounds ago ...)

Apologies if one has already been posted from the earlier shows; work was 
idiotically busy the last week or so (I walked out of the office 4 hours 
after I should've last night, for instance), & I haven't kept up with 
everything as much as I would've liked.

Dan not-Selzer

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> Or rather 'last night...'  Thanks to Joly and Shirley for the set info.
> Twas a great show indeed.  So nice to see 'em back.  Esp. cool to
> see/hear "Lola" and "Fairytale in the Supermarket" as the
> closer.  Also, Ana was an exceptionally good sport, hanging out with
> fans and patiently posing for pics when I had trouble getting a
> camera to work.  Great to hear that they were gonna go see Palmolive 
> today.
> Adorable repeat from their '94 show: the crowd was going wild with
> cheering and Ana said "We're not done yet..." (again, taken back by
> the reaction).
> Also noticed that the place was filed with rock crits- Christgau,
> Marcus, Will Hermes (NYT/R.Stone), Chris Weingarten, Viv Goldman, etc.
> Realized also that we all should have tried to do a TG meet-up
> there.  Some other time maybe?
> cheers,
> J
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