[TypicalGirls] The Raincoats @ The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY setlist, etc.

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Sat Oct 17 04:11:08 EDT 2009

  here's the (GREAT) setlist #theraincoats on Twitpic

not a clunker in the bunch! only addition i would have made is "black  
& white," but hey they pretty much did the entire first album. steller!

viv albertine joined in on guitar & vocals on "adventures close to  
home" & "lola" (the palmolive song that p. didn't do with the slits  
but did do with the raincoats), which was a real (family) treat.

they sold great t-shirts with the drawing on the cover of their first  
7", "in love"/etc. and had a couple of buttons, one of which was a  
cool square one with the cover of the first album (which, as you know,  
got me started on this trip with the raincoats so long ago), too. viv  
had an ep for sale too and i'm looking forward to listening to it.

beautiful show and people. so cool how all the lyrics are still on the  
tip of my tongue and the melodies are deep in my soul.

don't forget ana tomorrow @ starr space, 110 Starr Street, Brooklyn,  
NY 11237. doors @ 9pm, ana @ 10:45pm, and vice cooler (the raincoats'  
drummer for this tour, a typical boy) doing something he says will  
surprise me @ 11:30pm. maybe more viv and more gina too...

thank you raincoats near and far! : )

typical regards,

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