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 For godssakes, someone please get Lydia into this gig. I mean, the hell with her --after reading what she wrote, *I'll* be heartbroken if she misses it!

Dan not-Selzer

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> Sadly, I'm finding myself in the same position as Dan. Somehow thought  
> tickets would be no prob. for tonight's show...  Tried buying them  
> online, but it indeed seems to be sold-out that way. The Knit's box  
> office doesn't open until 4pm, so I'm hoping to find out more then. In  
> the meantime, if any of my typical brethren find themselves with an  
> extra ticket, I would REALLY appreciate a hook-up!! I'm in Manhattan  
> and can meet here or at the club before the show, and of course, I'll  
> pay your costs. Having been a Raincoats fan most of my life, since  
> buying their first album at 99 Records on the basis on the cover and  
> Ed Bahlman's assertion that it was a good choice, writing the band in  
> England around 1981 to inquire about getting their lyrics and  
> receiving a lovely booklet with that and more, along with a sweet  
> note, and reviewing ODYSHAPE in my high school newspaper (I think my  
> Springsteen- and Benatar-loving classmates were a bit nonplussed), I  
> will be quite crushed if I can't see this show.  : ** (
> Thank you for whatever help you can provide, typical friends!!
> Lydia
> On Oct 15, 2009, at 11:05 PM, Daniel Selzer wrote:
> > I think bklyn is sold out? I didn't get tickets because I was going  
> > to see them in LA, but they were so good we wanted to go again, but  
> > couldn't get tickets.
> >
> > HOWEVER, I just found out about this, saturday night Ana Da Silva is  
> > playing her first US solo show in bushwick:
> >
> > http://starrspace.net/cal_new.html
> >
> > I can't make that either, but thought everyone should know!
> >
> > On a different topic, while at the Part Time Punks fest, James Nice  
> > of LTM sold me a copy of the Rob Gretton notebooks book, 1 Top Class  
> > Manager, which is just coming out now. I figured I'd save on  
> > shipping by picking it up then. It's basically a straight up  
> > reprinting of Gretton's notebooks from the very early days of  
> > managing Joy Division to the early days of New Order, and it  
> > includes sundry items such as some flyers and receipts and  
> > correspondence and notes. I'm not going to pretend this book is of  
> > any interest to anyone who doesn't live and breath Joy Division/New  
> > Order, but it's pretty amazing, and our very own Joly makes a few  
> > appearances in the form of Better Badges contracts and invoices!
> >
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