[TypicalGirls] 1. Raincoats show (J Neo Marvin)

Shirley O'Loughlin shirley.oloughlin at virgin.net
Mon Oct 12 15:34:06 EDT 2009

Hi there - i really enjoyed your piece - VC already forwarded it to me  
- particularly love the descriptions/relations of Ana and Gina!

There is just one new song in the set 'Feminist Song' - which is a  
song Gina's been working on recently and she normally performs it solo
- but she was really keen to do it with the band for this tour. The  
only other song which may be unfamiliar is one Ana sings 'I keep  
which was  released on a single in 1996 with 'Don't be mean' and  
'Vicious' in the UK on Rough Trade.

They are both so excited to playing in the US and just about to travel  
to Portland for the show tomorrow, then it's New York on the 16 October,
and Ana and Hawnay Troof will be doing a solo spots at the Starr Space  
in Brooklyn on Saturday 17 October.

For your entertainment, here's something I wrote on Friday's Raincoats  
show in SF on our blog:


Question for Shirley:

They included a couple unfamiliar songs in their set, including a very  
pointed, amusing one from Gina with the chorus: "I'm a silly girl! I'm  
a warrior!" Is this a sign that they may be doing some recording soon?

-J Neo Marvin



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