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I'd love to see the syllabus if possible.
Also, can "the public" drop in for a class or two??
- Lani

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> Hello all -
> I wanted to send an email and let anyone in the Bay Area
> know that I finally got a Punk/No Wave Film and Music class
> approved for Fall 2009 at the Academy of Art University -
> please find some info on the class below.
> Official Catalog listing:
> This course covers the film, music, and
> art world cross-over activities
> that were unique to New York from 1977-1987. This course
> will screen
> and discuss the historical background of each film through
> the filters
> of the late 1970s through the mid 80s art world, club
> scene, and music
> with selected readings. http://catalog.academyart.edu/courseCatalog.do?triggerName=displayCourseDetail&lo_referringHit=475477101&lo_semester=57-1079&lo_online=false&lo_info=41-4161
> Expanded description:
> The innovative creators and inventors of
> new forms of artistic expression many of the films have been
> disregarded in academic film history, yet survive as a
> testament to the crucial development of what we now refer to
> as postmodern art. Painters, filmmakers, musicians,
> photographers, DJs and other creative individuals
> experimented and pushed the boundaries of what music and
> film could be through No Wave/Punk film into
> Underground/Independent film and the Cinema of
> Transgression.
> I have been trying to get a hold of film and video pieces
> spanning from
> the mid-70s to the late 80s with varying degrees of
> success.  If anyone
> has any contact or other information (articles, book
> suggestions, bands, etc.) on anything you think might be
> relevant
> I'd certainly appreciate it - feel free to contact me
> directly.  This
> class is an extension of ongoing research for my
> Dissertation on Underground
> Movements in Music, Art and Film 1978-84.  Right now
> it's focused on New York, Berlin and LA - but of course
> it's expanding. . . 
> I hope to hear from some of you!
> Best Regards,
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