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Hello all -

I wanted to send an email and let anyone in the Bay Area know that I finally
got a Punk/No Wave Film and Music class approved for Fall 2009 at the
Academy of Art University - please find some info on the class below.

Official Catalog listing:

> This course covers the film, music, and art world cross-over activities
> that were unique to New York from 1977-1987. This course will screen and
> discuss the historical background of each film through the filters of the
> late 1970s through the mid 80s art world, club scene, and music with
> selected readings.
> http://catalog.academyart.edu/courseCatalog.do?triggerName=displayCourseDetail&lo_referringHit=475477101&lo_semester=57-1079&lo_online=false&lo_info=41-4161

Expanded description:

> The innovative creators and inventors of new forms of artistic expression
> many of the films have been disregarded in academic film history, yet
> survive as a testament to the crucial development of what we now refer to as
> postmodern art. Painters, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, DJs and
> other creative individuals experimented and pushed the boundaries of what
> music and film could be through No Wave/Punk film into
> Underground/Independent film and the Cinema of Transgression.

I have been trying to get a hold of film and video pieces spanning from the
mid-70s to the late 80s with varying degrees of success.  If anyone has any
contact or other information (articles, book suggestions, bands, etc.) on
anything you think might be relevant I'd certainly appreciate it - feel free
to contact me directly.  This class is an extension of ongoing research for
my Dissertation on Underground Movements in Music, Art and Film 1978-84.
Right now it's focused on New York, Berlin and LA - but of course it's
expanding. . .

I hope to hear from some of you!

Best Regards,

:denah a. johnston
(c) 415-845-4325
goingforawalk at gmail.com

professor | filmmaker | ABD PhD candidate (The European Graduate School)
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