[TypicalGirls] Narnack signs The Slits

WWWhatsup joly at punkcast.com
Wed Jan 14 20:09:11 EST 2009

According to this
Paloma is involved, but there's no mention of Viv - who would seem unlikely,
given our earlier discussion.

I'd take any Narnack announcement with a grain of salt.


>does this mean paloma is going to play too?? what constitutes all the original members??
>> [From Narnack Records newsletter - this is subsequent to Ari appearing
>> on Narnack's Lee Perry album 'Repentance']
>> Narnack is also very excited to announce the signing of The Slits... this pioneering all girl act is noted for it's influence on many of music's most acclaimed female musician's and was espousing on the riot girl ethic before most of the movements artists had even picked up an instrument. Look for all the original members to be back in the studio for the new album which will start recording in February. The Slits will also be touring the US and abroad in 2009. 

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