[TypicalGirls] Whoom Elements and Sleeping Dogs

Larry Bob Roberts larrybob at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 14:15:32 EST 2009

Looks like we missed one, folks.

In a bio for an upcoming appearance by Gretchen Phillips (formerly of
Two Nice Girls) in San Francisco at Cafe Du Nord, I ran across the

"Gary Floyd of the Dicks, Biscuit of the Big Boys, the women of Whoom
Elements as well as many other unfortunately somewhat forgotten bands
helped give her the courage to be out in her music."

I'm familiar with the first two, but hadn't heard of the third.
Apparently they were an Austin, Texas band and put out a single:
Of Love/Men In The Politics
1982, ESR, 45 Picture Sleeve
Does anyone have a copy?

There are pictures of the band at
The guy who posted the pictures gives the lineup as
Helen Harmon - Guitar
Linda Falter - Drums
Diane Identity - Bass
He says that the band's name was pronounced "Womb Elements."

Linda Falter was later in the band Ogre&Doubt.

There's a mention of the band in this story of early days of punk rock
in Austin:

I am wondering if this is the same Helen Harmon who was in
Crass-related project Sleeping Dogs -
Drummer of Sleeping Dogs, Dirty Dog = Dave King who designed the Crass
logo.  Lead singer Bad Boy is a woman, Dione. Both of them still live
in San Francisco.


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