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[Some stuff I never knew about AC's pre-TT days]


Born in in Auckland, New Zealand, Currie emigrated to
England in 1977, as a drop-out rock journalist. Currie
squatted in various places in South West London, ending up
in Lillieshall Road, Clapham Old Town. This turned out to be
a major step on the road to stardom with the Thompson Twins.
In 1979, with her across-the-road neighbour, Trace Newton-
Ingham (Traci Newton), she co-founded the dread-punk-
improvising group, The Unfuckables. The Unfuckables
performed one especially memorable gig at an Anti-Psychiatry
Conference in early 1980, held in the Conway Hall, Red Lion
Square, London. For this particular gig the group comprised
of the two co-founders, plus an array of musicians from
London's 'underground' music scene - Viv Albertine (The
Slits), Gareth Sager (The Pop Group), Charles Bullen and
Charles Hayward (This Heat), Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins),
Jimmy Cauty (later of The KLF) and improviser Steve
Beresford, amongst others.

Soon after this, she joined the Thompson Twins and much
later still the more experimental Babble... as lyricist,
percussionist and visual artist. In 1992 she returned to New
Zealand working primarily as a glass artist and
environmental activist. She was founder of the women's anti-
GM movement MAdGE. In 2004 she designed a series of protest
billboards that caused huge controversy in New Zealand but
won several international art / science awards.

Currie currently lives and works in London where she is a
student of the little known art movement, armchair

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