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I'd be up for a Neoboys reissue. Anybody have any contact info? I didn't like the LP as much as the single but it's growing on me. Sort of the difference between Crazy Rhythms and The Good Earth, the songwriting is just as good but it's played/recorded in a more subtle manner.


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Has there ever been a Neoboys reissue? I LOVE that 7", and just watched the Northwest passage movie about Portland punk that they are in which has great live footage... There was a great interview with the band in the magazine I work for (maximum rocknroll) a few years back I guess I should look that up. 

Has anyone gotten The Nixe reissue yet? It's pretty amazing; early 80s all girl band from Utrecht that remind me of a less Dada Kleenex/Liliput. It's on Polly Magoo records I think. They have a myspace.

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