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clara_XXL grossegouine at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 03:55:16 EDT 2008

Reissues?? maybe the petticoats' normal EP...but steffi herself still has
400 copies in her basement. Also maybe the neo boys...but same thing..a full
box somewhere in a basement in portland. So basically ebay is your friend in
you have 50$-70$ for a 7".

For the releases that should be carried...I would jump on explode into
colors from portland...and about what has been released this year on KRS, I
would recommend people to get the 7" of new bloods on Raw Sugar
too...because it's mind-blowing.

and of course I agree people should support KRS and similar projects instead
of amazon but for me personally is a little bit too much to face the
shipping costs to europe!

i don't know if it makes any sense to send this to the list but it's the
first thoughts that crossed my mind when i read the digest!

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