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hey thanks for posting. i don't want to spam the 
list, but if you guys want us to carry this kind 
of stuff please order it from us!!!! basically 
i'd love to be able to do more reissues and carry 
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if you know of any reissues or new releases we 
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i added the marine girls but no one bought it 
i know it's expensive but it's an import and has 
both lps on it...we also have return of the giant 

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erase errata 

  these are also newly added typical girls related:

GR91CD	Aids Wolf - Cities of Glass	CD
Produced by Weasel Walter [Flying Luttenbachers, 
XBXRX, Arab on Radar], Cities of Glass is the 
second album from the most hated band in the 
world! Just votes short of being banned from 
Canadian radio, and prevented from entering the 
USA numerous times, AIDS Wolf are globally 
confounding and universally profound. With Cities 
of Glass, AIDS Wolf return to what they do best: 
embracing the hate and bumming out the masses. 
Packaged in swank gatefold sleeves. "There is a 
distinct discipline at work here, a crafted sense 
of composition that unexpectedly rears out of the 
sonic wreckage"--The Wire

LPLADYTVELO Ladytron - Velocifero 2LP
Double vinyl for the band's 2008 studio album. 
Ladytron are an Electronic Pop band originally 
based in Liverpool, England, although members 
originate from Sofia and Glasgow as well as 
Liverpool itself. The band has been active since 
1999, releasing four full-length albums. Ladytron 
tour extensively around the world, both with live 
shows and DJ sets. Ladytron have produced remixes 
for many artists including Placebo, Blondie, Gang 
of Four, David Gahan, Goldfrapp, Bloc Party, 
Kings of Convenience, Indochine, Apoptygma 
Berzerk, She Wants Revenge, Soulwax, Nine Inch 
Nails and Simian.

SOV28137 Jenny Hoyston - Isle of...	CD/LP
All sides of Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata, 
Paradise Island) are evident on her latest solo 
effort under her own name, entitled 'Isle Of'. 
Jenny started writing songs including just dirty 
guitar sounds and drum machine - as is evident in 
previous recordings prior to her Paradise Island 
Latitudes release. The Latitudes session helped 
her to discover new outlets and directions for 
her songs and she has since expanded to recording 
in Portland (Oregon), Detroit and San Francisco 
with a variety of collaborators, she was able to 
not only concentrate on her electronic side but 
also full-band arrangements. 'Isle Of' includes 
songs that sound like it could be Joan Jett, if 
she were on the Simple Machines label ("Spell 
D-O-G", "Structure"), contemporary electro, â la 
Le Tigre or Tracy + The Plastics ("Everyone's 
Alone"), or new American folk ("Even In This Day 
And Age"). Open your hearts to an album full of 
power and passion that'll seep right down into 
your soul.

MOABIT006CD Malaria - Compiled	CD
2001 year release which compiles 16 tracks from 
all their early releases, originally released 
1981-84. Malaria were an all-female art-wave 
group from Berlin, with connections to Die Haut, 
Einsturzende, Nina Hagen, Static, etc. A seminal 
early 80s document. "Contagious diseases, 
uncertain modes of transmission: Malaria evolved 
from Mania D., a trio that had already gained a 
following even without music through their style 
and artwork. When they expanded into a quintet, 
they not only retained the first two letters, 
recurring in medieval, mask, magister artium and 
mama, they also kept a world of signifiers: heat, 
illness, fever, ill-defined states. At the time, 
the beat and the saxophone, which signalled the 
continuity of both bands, could only be 
comprehended through inevitable misunderstandings 
and other contemporary beats and sounds. And -- 
like an italicised letter -- they incarnated the 
promise contained in the title: elusive funk, 
undeveloped jazz, an unresolved and strained 
insistence on a difference for which no words 
existed at the time, and certainly no music that 
one could put a name to." -- Diedrich 
Diederichsen. Malaria! were: Gudrun Gut, Bettina 
Koster, Susanne Kuhnke, Christine Han, Manon 

as are these:

KLP193 Kimya Dawson - Alphabutt	CD/LP

ALP500CD Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - Shut Up and Bleed CD

ALP4550DVD Lydia Lunch - Video Hysteria DVD

ALP075CD Lydia Lunch - 8 Eyed Spy CD

NO014CD Mars - Complete NYC 1977-8	CD

CDPOCAHISLA Pocahaunted - Island Diamonds CD

CDCHICKART Chicks on Speed Art Rules CD

CDMIRAHOLD Mirah - The Old Days of Feeling CD

KLP172	Woelv - Tout Seul dans la Foret en Plein Jour...LP

and if you are a marnie stern fan (i know some of 
you are) you can pre-order her upcoming album now:

Pre-Orders come with a limited edition Bella 
Foster coloring book, so make sure you get your 
order in early.

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>ITR126 Vivian Girls - I Can't Stay 7"
>The latest release by Brooklyn's VIVIAN GIRLS has arrived in the
>form of this handsome two-song seven inch single featuring two
>incredible brand new songs exclusive to this release. By now their
>praises have been sung from Terminal Boredom to Pitchfork to the
>New York Times. This is one case where you can believe the hype--
>this is GREAT stuff.
>ALP048CD Mars - 78 CD
>Crucial document of this seminal NYC band from the late 70s,
>considered by many in retrospect to be the most influential no
>wave band from the era. A quartet of Sumner Crane, China Burg,
>Mark Cunningham & Nancy Arlen, they recorded revolutionary EPs for
>Ze and Lust/Unlust, as well as contributing to the infamous No New
>York LP."To the uninitiated, Mars may sound like listening to a
>laundromat magnified. That's because every instrument is making a
>sound, but who is making which sound? Instead of one direct sound
>or beat the music travels in at least 3 different directions,
>speeds of rhythm making a totally orbital sound, one that never
>really enters the ear instead spinning around the head. At times
>it sounds like tortured children singing in 7 different tongues."
>--Stella Doon, 1977.
>Joly MacFie
>212 608 1334
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