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ITR126 Vivian Girls - I Can't Stay 7"
The latest release by Brooklyn's VIVIAN GIRLS has arrived in the
form of this handsome two-song seven inch single featuring two
incredible brand new songs exclusive to this release. By now their
praises have been sung from Terminal Boredom to Pitchfork to the
New York Times. This is one case where you can believe the hype--
this is GREAT stuff.

ALP048CD Mars - 78 CD
Crucial document of this seminal NYC band from the late 70s,
considered by many in retrospect to be the most influential no
wave band from the era. A quartet of Sumner Crane, China Burg,
Mark Cunningham & Nancy Arlen, they recorded revolutionary EPs for
Ze and Lust/Unlust, as well as contributing to the infamous No New
York LP."To the uninitiated, Mars may sound like listening to a
laundromat magnified. That's because every instrument is making a
sound, but who is making which sound? Instead of one direct sound
or beat the music travels in at least 3 different directions,
speeds of rhythm making a totally orbital sound, one that never
really enters the ear instead spinning around the head. At times
it sounds like tortured children singing in 7 different tongues."
--Stella Doon, 1977.

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