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Wed Sep 17 16:51:39 EDT 2008

  hey there typical girls....

  i've long been a lurker on this list, but now comes the time for some
specific requests...

  i'm looking for resources about women's self-organised, independent &
non-commericial music cultures from the 1970s ----> so books, zine
scans, academic articles etc.

 I am particularly keen to hear from people who may have been distributers
of feminist music in the 70s/ 80s in the UK (mail order, etc) who may
want to be interviewed by me...

 in particular I am looking for

 * any resources that may be out there about the Women's Revolutions Per
Minute archive (currently stored in Birmingham Library), ie, interviews
with Caroline Hutton, histories of the archive, personal experiences/
memories of d.i.y feminist music production in the 70s/ 80s...

 * a contact for Hilary Friend who was the last person to 'own' the archive

 * information about digitised archives of women's music that are
available online around the world (virtual or physical)


 also, if anyone has a contact for any members of the fabulous dirt
sisters who were a rad feminist four piece in the 80s, i would also like
to get in touch with any of them.


 i know that's an awful lot but there's alot i need to know, and am just
beginning what could be some pretty tasty & hardcore research, so any
input is greatly appreciated.

 thanks in advance,

 debix xx


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