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Jason Gross perfect at furious.com
Sun Nov 30 11:13:15 EST 2008

Happy holidaze to the TG group!

Perfect Sound Forever <http://www.perfectsoundforever.com> has 
another article concerning a certain member of this list...

  TIER 3
   RIP another Gotham club
"In the spring of 1979, Hilary Jaeger was working at a TriBeCa 
restaurant called Tier 3; a few months later, she began booking live 
bands in the 300-capacity space. Hilary's efforts were bolstered by 
the punk and new wave enthusiasts previously associated with 
Stinky's, a nightspot that was New York's first 'punk disco.' Tier 3 
lasted only until December 1980, but it was a vital and influential 
venue in which the new music cross-bred with the experimental art and 
film scenes of Downtown. "

Hope you enjoy it,

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