Sharon Cheslow decomposition at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 19 05:48:07 EST 2008

Good point Tobi. It wasn't intentional.  I was just thinking about 
the past and so wrote in the past tense.

At 2:36 AM -0800 11/19/08, Tobi Vail wrote:

>hi sharon, just curious, but why the past tense? this is still true 
>for many - punk is still an active, useful methodology
>i understand this is in reference to a specific era on a 'post'-punk 
>list (a term i think is not useful because aesthetic lineage is no 
>longer.... linear),\
>  but to get to my point--as someone who is seeing a lot of punk 
>women playing house shows around town, i still think what you are 
>saying is true

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