[TypicalGirls] Viv on playing with The Slits again!

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I hope we get to hear some new music from these two soon. Two and a half decades is way too long.-J Neo Marvin 

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Viv has a Myspace page (MySpace.com - viv albertine - UK - Alternative - www.myspace.com/albertine) and blogged on Saturday about playing with The Slits again:

"This month I played with The Slits in Barcelona and Manchester (the London show is cancelled due to a mix-up). I learnt the old songs and 4 new ones. We got along really well and I loved Adele, Holly and Anna. I was surprised how interesting my old guitar parts were, I really liked playing them. The thing is that The Slits have morphed into Ari's backing band, there's not much room for creativity or individuality. Plus she and I have gone in very different directions musically. Ari is a fantastic front woman, very funny and sexy, a great dancer, loads of charisma but I felt uncomfortable in the role of almost session musician. So I'm not going to join the band, although I may do some guest appearances occasionally. Now I'm concentrating on my own music and my sculpture."

None of her music is on the page, though, but it seems that she's playing with Keith Levine now, so I guess things are coming full circle for her anyway (i.e., Flowers of Romance). The page also indicates that she's on a major label. There's a picture of her playing at a "Raincoats anniversary party" from last month that I'm sure all of us wish we were at. She looks pretty much the same (save for shorter hair and no hats) and still has her unique flair for fashion and style.

So, odds of seeing her play w/ the slits here in the states is looking slim to none...=
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