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I would say the shags
How wonderful was that first record

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> This is why I love Typical Girls - here we have an argument  
> regarding the
> Slits' first shows by people THAT WERE THERE.  Where else on the web  
> are we
> (slightly) younger post-punk obsessives going to get that?
> <<for some reason people like to think these girls just picked up
> instruments and jumped on stage. they practiced and wrote for months  
> before
> performing.>>
> So is it time to retire the myth once and for all that the original  
> punks
> "couldn't play?"  From what I can hear, the guitar bands could play  
> fine.
> Malcolm McLaren always promoted that myth about the Sex Pistols, but  
> it's
> clear Cook, Matlock and especially Jones were perfectly accomplished
> players.  Perhaps, in the mid-1970s, musicians were still so  
> enamored of
> extended guitar solos that listeners weren't used to a simpler  
> approach.  I
> mean, the Sheffield bands like Cab Volt were using synths they  
> "couldn't
> play" a la Pere Ubu or Eno-era Roxy Music...but I tend to think  
> that's a
> whole different scene and philosophy.
> Were there any bands that truly, obviously "couldn't play" at their  
> first
> shows?  The Flowers of Romance?  Early Germs?
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