[TypicalGirls] The SLits agent?

Alex Murray-Leslie a at chicksonspeed.com
Mon Nov 17 11:34:52 EST 2008

speaking of The Slits, i wasn't there either, (damned!) so can't add  
to the thread, but do have a question...

We're looking for the booking agent of The Slits, i couldn't exactly  
find an booking agency contact on their official web site or myspace  
pages, just  management. If anyone has any information, would be  
greatly appreciated.

For anyone who's up for the trip to Krems Austria, 1.5 hours away from  
We're curating the next Donau festival, under the banner GIRL MONSTER,  
April 25th, 09.

So far we've confirmed Yo Magesty, The Vivian Girls and hope to have  
The Rainlcoats coming too :) including TBC!! special guest Viv, plus  
The Slits, Peaches, fe-male, Kathrine Hamnet, Pipilotti Rist, Koko Von  
Napoo, Gudrun Gut, LAdy Bitch Ray and Anat Ben David and many more  
great artists, for this historical event / experience in women's art  
and music.  Including video, theory, craft - performance, fashion and  
music. At the end of the one day event we'll present The Girl Monster  
Orchestra, with all women performing together on stage.

Also contributing with be NY artist A.L. Steiner, who's curating the  
video art section.

any suggestions are always welcome too!


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