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well, to me that just goes to show how fact is subverted to a good story line. ask any musician who's been in the papers what happened to the facts when the article came out. there was a lot of myth created not just history. the first slits gig (with kate) at the harlesden clash gig (wasn't that theatre also called the roxy, by coincidence??) was in march 77. i don't remember offhand when the screen and roxy gigs she did took place but i know for fact that she was still in the band summer of 77 which is why i said autumn. it could even be that the roxy gig WAS in jan and was actually the first but i don't think so...i have learned this year just how treacherous memory can be, but there are a FEW things i am sure of. chrissie hynde also thought all girls was a publicity gimmick that couldn't work, until she saw the band. but i do know that it was quite common in those days to consider someone who was out as completely irrelevant, and a lot of false stories went down in print and are now considered to be fact. caroline was a great writer and publicist. she helped create images for more than a few people in that time. she's a great gal. but she is also a great embroiderer, if you catch my drift.

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from caroline coon's book:
"A year ago (approx. june 1976 - ww) Viv and Palmolive were rehearsing an 
unnamed band with Jo Fall and Sarah Hall, the girlfriends of the Sex Pistols' 
lead guitarist and drummer, Steve Jones and Paul Cook. They were looking for a 
lead singer when they heard that Sid Vicious fancied himself as a front man of 
an all-girl band. For a few weeks, under Sid's working title of "Flowers of 
Romance", they rehearsed together. Then Jo dropped out. And Sid decided to sack 
Sarah first and then Palmolive. He and Viv worked together with Keith Levine, 
who had been the Clash's third guitarist. But eventually Sid sacked Viv too, He 
is now playing bass for the Sex Pistols. By then Palmolive had recovered her 
confidence. She joined forces with Kate Chorus (sic), who thought of the name 
"the Slits". The met Arri (sic) Up at a Patti Smith concert and invited her on 
the spot to be their lead singer. Kate left. Eventually Viv and Tessa completed 
the line-up. "
Kate was definitely gone probably before '77 began. the slits photos in the 
book from june '77 have ari, viv, tessa and palmolive. 
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  Autumn 1977?  But, I'm quite sure it was Viv that played all the 
  Roxy dates from Jan. 1977 to April 1977. I saw all those shows and took lots 
  of pictures. The photos of Ari and, I think, Palmolive on the Roxy 1977 album 
  are mine (not sure Palmolive pic is on there, haven't looked lately at the 
  album, I'll dig it out).

  Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this . . I guess memories can also be 
  pretty slippery when you go that far back!


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