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Even more unlikely, of course, is the fact that they're from Arkansas. Or at 
least Beth is ... I dunno if the rest of the lineup has changed or not.

(I mention the Arkansas connection only because I hail from there, too.)


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> The Gossip are from the US but are better known in the UK.
> Beth, the lead singer gets on TV and on magazine covers here.
> They're pretty underground in the U.S. still.
>>From last year's New York Times story on Rick Rubin's quest
> to save Columbia records:
> Though Rubin maintains that his intention is simply to hear music with the
> fresh ears of a true fan, he has built his reputation on the
> simultaneously mystical and entirely decisive way he listens to a song. As
> the Gossip, which is fronted by a large, raucous woman named Beth Ditto,
> shouts to a stop, Rubin opens his eyes and nods yes. This is the first new
> band signed to Columbia that he has been enthralled by, but he is not yet
> sure how to organize the Gossip's future.
> http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/02/magazine/02rubin.t.html
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