[TypicalGirls] Gossip update

Larry Roberts larrybob at io.com
Sun Nov 16 21:35:48 EST 2008

The Gossip are from the US but are better known in the UK.
Beth, the lead singer gets on TV and on magazine covers here.
They're pretty underground in the U.S. still.

>From last year's New York Times story on Rick Rubin's quest
to save Columbia records:

Though Rubin maintains that his intention is simply to hear music with the 
fresh ears of a true fan, he has built his reputation on the 
simultaneously mystical and entirely decisive way he listens to a song. As 
the Gossip, which is fronted by a large, raucous woman named Beth Ditto, 
shouts to a stop, Rubin opens his eyes and nods yes. This is the first new 
band signed to Columbia that he has been enthralled by, but he is not yet 
sure how to organize the Gossip's future.


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