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well the last time i spoke with ari she couldn't really remember the genesis of the name! however the slogan of the time was 'slits have girls have slits" (or "girls have slits have girls") and it was nothing much to do with drums!! i DO remember it was definitely chosen for its double and shocking meaning, one being a part of the female anatomy (cue the dicks!) and the other being something to do with slashing the fabric of society or some such grandiose imagery.....

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actually, the slits are named after a "slit drum," like ari says in that radio interview on the 7" that accompanied return of the giant slits.  ; )
"it's got a slit in the side of it" (cue the girls making crazy jungle noises).

On Nov 12, 2008, at 1:11 AM, robin dudley wrote:the slits were all girls, named for a female part of the anatomy=
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