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would've been autumn of 77 - i think! dates are a little slippery when you go that far back.

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Thanks for filling me in on the Slits' background, I do appreciate learning the facts from someone who obviously knows more than I do about Kate and her many contributions to the group! Just for the record, . . . when did Viv replace Kate?
(I'm not arguing lineups or anything, just want to know this to add to the history you have given us).

On Nov 13, 2008, at 9:31 AM, robin dudley wrote: actually, when the slits "burst upon the scene"  with that name you considered so amazing, they were palmolive, ari, kate and tessa. viv came in AFTER it appeared to be a going concern. before that she did not want to know and actually scoffed at the "publicity gimmick" of an all-girl band.

true to most people the "original" lineup includes viv, but the name, much of the first set's music, and first few gigs which caught people's attention, included and were created with kate playing a very active part. viv was nowhere to be found. the fact that she made a good replacement and played on the white riot tour does not change that fact. so maybe we should just stop talking about original lineups cause its not going to happen!

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 After more thought I would like to amend the last sentence of my previous post to read:
"Sincere thanks, and kudos, to the men and women who helped them refine, progress, make great albums and keep the band alive today . . . ."

On Nov 12, 2008, at 1:42 PM, Annette wrote:When the Slits burst upon the London scene in January 1977-- I am talking about when they were first splashed across the fronts of newspapers (their name was horrifying, of course, to the populace; never, ever, and maybe forever, had any band borne so disturbing and incredible a name); when they were mainstay players at the Roxy and absolutely integral to shaping Punk Rock; and in general, when hanging about for months making their music, mischief and being well, the Slits, as everybody knew them, they were 4 girls. Their names were Ari Up, Viv, Tessa, and Palmolive. For most of us there, this was the Slits and will always be the Slits.
Sincere thanks to the men who helped them refine and progress and make great albums, but the Slits, to us, were Ari Up, Viv, Tessa, and Palmolive.

On Nov 12, 2008, at 1:36 AM, weasel walter wrote: >>> and for that matter viv was not the original guitarist so its all moot!!!    ha ha ha. this is a good point. they'd have to get kate korus back.   ww 

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