[TypicalGirls] Gossip update

WWWhatsup joly at punkcast.com
Sat Nov 15 16:40:49 EST 2008


We are currently hard at work in a studio in Malibu working
with Rick Rubin on our new lp. Rick totally rules and being
around him is just all music all the time..We have been
listening to the Slits and Pigbag and drinking too much green
tea (i'm totally wired, can't ya see?)...We are working in a
studio called the Shangri-la, Bob Dylans' 70's tour bus is
parked in the backyard (too bad we all hate bob dylan) and the
guitar room in this place is MINDBLOWING and they have a
mellow-tron, expect to hear alot of that soon! It's the same
one Nico used on Desertshore!!!. The weather in Portland now
totally sucks...The weather here is purrfect.

Expect some hilarious pictures soon!

We may be going into L.A. tonight to see Mika Miko + The

There's the part-time punks festival this weekend too! A
Certain Ratio + Pylon are playing!!!!! How can we possibly
miss that?

Joly MacFie 
212 608 1334

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