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Hi Dee---

I made it to Minneapolis and it has been a busy week of getting Laura
placed into a transitional care facility.  She is incredibly fragile,
mind and body.  I just don't really have the words to describe.  I
just keep trying to focus on the many tasks at hand and (pray) that
she can maintain until the transplant.  Her status changes daily, and
although she would have been eligible again for the living donor
scenario a week ago that is not the case now.  It is really a
"numbers" game in many ways as I am fast learning.

The good news is that the donations continue to come in, and tomorrow
I will attempt to get her through her phone appointment with Social
Security.  We have the benefit meeting next week so I feel good about
that as well.

Enough for now.  There will be another e-mail going out within the
next few days with her new contact information at the Richfield Health
Center, direct phone # and all of that.  She has a hard time operating
the cell phone so this will be a better way to reach her.  We have a
meeting tomorrow to "access" her condition but this really needs to
work out as she has limited options based on her health care coverage.



On 11/13/08, Dee <deepop at earthlink.net> wrote:
> i know this pisses off the rest of the Bush Tetras, but i will say it again
> unless it is a benefit for Laura Kennedy, i will not be playing any more
> shows with the Bush Tetras. So that means our last show ever at this point
> is on Jan 17th in Minneapolis. I sincerely doubt the band will do any shows
> after that....without me. The last gig at Cake Shop was one of our best in
> (many many) years. Bassist, Felice Rosser, who did the European shows and
> the Cake Shop gig, adds the swing, soul and funk that has been missing from
> our sound for way too long. I really really dig playing with her.
> Unfortunately all things have a life span and i feel ours has run out. I
> refuse to go on as an 80's retro, play your old hit songs kinda band. The
> Police and countless other shitty, product oriented bands from the late
> 70's/early 80's can go do that.
> Dee POP
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> yeah, yeah ; )  how 'bout another one here in nyc before thanksgiving week?
> i wasn't able to make the benefit @ cakeshop, so i am itching to see BTs
> before maybe i can' t again. i'd gladly dj gratis. i've got all the vintage
> vinyl to bring back the good times, and i'm sure this group would get behind
> it 100%.
> in any case, please send laura our love.
> lz
> On Nov 13, 2008, at 11:12 AM, Dee wrote:
> we are doing another show - truly my last with the group
> =
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