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I can't speak for Dee, but I wasn't responding to you Robin.  I was trying to positively support HunnyPi's statement.  All girls, boys and girls, all boys, humans and animals.  It's all good.  LOL

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oh and my real MAIN point is they are booked working with anna and i think its a bit rude suggesting they might have more sentimental or tourist value with someone else on board. she is great.

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so solly seem to have hit a nerve here. is there some reason why a band now HAS to be mixed to be politically correct? my original remark was poorly stated. nothing against guys or mixed groups. just a comment on the fact that if we're talking original lineups the slits were all girls, named for a female part of the anatomy, and so on. their impact was the greater for being all girls. that said, they can have whoever they bloody well like in the band but the original lineup is not likely to happen unless paloma has another change of heart/mind. and for that matter viv was not the original guitarist so its all moot!!! neither was bruce in the original lineup and although he is in my mind one of the most amazing drummers of all time, nothing can make him part of that "Original.Lineup"  that's all folks!>>>>>>>.............loveya

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> I agree. Well said.
> Sharon
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> in a nutshell...perfect
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> > is it blasphemous to say that in this group? boys and girls making 
> >music together is a beautiful thing and is a good model for the 
> >world.

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