[TypicalGirls] SF 2006 Mezzanine show of The SLits

davis at earcandleproductions.com davis at earcandleproductions.com
Tue Nov 11 11:01:10 EST 2008

Proud to say we smuggled in a camera and Ari gave us the okay as we bumped
up against the stage.  J Neo Marvin., my husband, LOVES The Slits since
they appeared in Santa Cruz in the seventies.  This was my first

Anna dug our video so much she requested DVD's for all seven members, to
which we quickly complied. What an honor!

We only had one hour of tape and one camera, and they went over the hour
on Typical Girls, but we added some pics from the seventies and switched
to the mp3 to finish the song in the end.

You will need the flash player to watch this shockwave file.




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