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Hi John
  In the Q&A session, I asked about a possible reissue.  Debsey said there will be a 3CD reissue but work finishing it has not been completed yet. It will also have some previously unreleased songs from old demos. 
  Interesting to see Rachel and Captain Sensible's son Fred Burns there - he looks a lot like his dad!

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Hey Nicole,

Maybe you can ask them about possible reissues, and if there will ever be a
way to see either Dolly Mixture film (Paul Kelly's screening tomorrow, and
the older Simon West BBC piece "Dolly Mixtures"). Ask Paul if there's any
way to see Lawrence of Belgravia, too. Wouldn't mind seeing that either.

Have fun.

And if anyone can get me a "Thereminists For Obama" t-shirt, please let me

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