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Oh, please be assured that my whine wasn't directed at you (or at anyone in particular, really) -- just me being curmudgeonly & venting accordingly. After spending most of my life in the South (plus about 2 1/2 years in Phoenix, going to grad school) I guess I'm just envious of people who, as I said, have a choice of seeing more good bands in a given week than I would in, say, a decade. 

At the same time, there's a certain amount of, I guess, reverse snobbism at being able to tell myself that I (as well as loads of others, of course) was seeking out punk & such in a time & place where *Led Zeppelin* were considered dangerously radical ... never mind X-Ray Spex or the Banshees. I mean, even today -- 30 years later, in a city 20 times the size of the place I went to college in SW Arkansas -- there *may* be 50 other people here who know who Essential Logic were. Quite possibly not, though.

Anyway, good on you guys for touring all sorts of benighted backwaters south of the Mason-Dixon line. I'm sort of surprised to see you playing Shreveport, which to my knowledge is totally lacking in redeeming (anti)social value (though, y'know, come to think of it I *did* find [speaking of X-Ray Spex] Germ-Free Adolescents at a mall store there in '79 ...).

Anyway, good luck with the tour, period, & certainly the Alabama shows. I am, unfortunately, in the absolutely vile pesthole of an excuse for the state capital, Montgomery, which makes my former home of Little Rock (where I'm surprised to see you guys *not* playing, actually) look like NYC or LA, honest to god. (Jackson Browne played here last week. You would've thought the Beatles had reunited.) If I want to see a show I have to drive 3 or 4 hours to Atlanta, & I don't believe I've done that since my birthday nearly 5 years ago ... An aging car (&, let's face it, physique) can be awfully inconvienient.


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  oh i wasn't saying they aren't touring anywhere else--they were just in texas and they will be playing shows out to new york to fly to london and then back, i'm assuming they will hit the south but i actually don't know.
  my group, the old haunts, will be playing a bunch of shows in Alabama in May actually see:

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    *sigh* Y'know, that's really one of my pet peeves -- people who live in some hotbed or other (usually on one of the coasts, of course) where breaking acts & established bands are almost literally spoonfed to them 24/7/365 as long as they're willing to travel a mile or two (if that) across town for a show. 

    And if *one* band in 100 fails to play the club across the street ... how utterly horrible. 

    From my admittedly warped perspective, it's sort of like the owner of the new Mercedes complaining the ashtray doesn't pull out with sufficient smoothness, or something.

    Dan, disgruntled in Alabama <---- hasn't been to a show of any kind in something like 4 years.

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