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New York Noise Book

Art and Music from the New York Underground 1978-88

Soul Jazz Records


Here it is! The New York Noise Book! Out Now on Soul
Jazz Records and available for a limited period at
£16.99 (usually £19.99).
For anyone in the slightest bit interested in New
York's vibrant art and music scenes in the 1980s, this
is an essential book brought to you by Soul Jazz

“New York was a scary and legendary place and downtown
was like a bohemian living museum, which was pretty
thrilling for an aspiring artist and musician. It was
all very new and exciting, at least for me and it was
incredibly funky, the sleaze and poverty were

This is a unique, luscious large format book from Soul
Jazz Records and our first publication. New York Noise
features amazing photographs of the New York music and
art scene during the 1980s alongside text from some of
the most important musicians and artists of the

With hundreds of stunning photographs of everyone from
Andy Warhol, Africa Bambaataa, Martin Rev, Richard
Hell, Lou Reed, Keith Haring, Patti Smith, John Cage,
Michael Stipe, Liquid Liquid, Julian Schnabel, Futura
2000, Madonna, Jean Michel Basquiat, ESG and many more
the book is a who’s who of New York’s downtown scene
during this period..

The book shows how Hip-Hop,Punk, No Wave, Free Jazz,
Underground Dance and Experimental music scenes
collided with the art world over a ten-year period and
captures the vibrancy of this era when everyone in a
band was also an artist, every artist was also a
film-maker and every film-maker in a band.

Accompanying text by the likes of David Byrne, Laurie
Anderson, Cindy Sherman, Suicide, Liquid Liquid and
many others brilliantly evoke the vibrant New York
scene in its heydey and make this a unique product of
great beauty and unlike anything else you have seen!

With over 400 images, most of them previously
unpublished, this is an essential document of a
fascinating era in New York’s music and art scene – a
must have for everyone! Hurry, limited quantities.


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