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Lurker here.....

I am working on a project and am looking for young women of colour in the
underground metal scene - concertgoers and listeners. I have heard from a
couple of online buddies that apparently they are seeing an increase at
black and death metal shows but I am having a difficult time finding any
info. I've been told NYC and Portland seem to be flourishing.

If anyone knows of any women - I'm looking for 16+ who would be interested
in being interviewed. Also, if anyone knows of articles or news items on
this, or has heard anything / observed an increase, please email me. I'll be
at EMP and will be present at any Girlgroup hookups, but you can drop me a
line at l.dawes5068 at rogers.com <l.dawes5068%40rogers.com>.

Laina Dawes freelance writer / music journalist www.lainad.typepad.com

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