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the 20 minute set gigs are from her grateful dead inspired period.   

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>fyi the whole "teenage jesus played 10 minute sets" shtick is at least a
>partial myth - i have two complete shows by the band from 1977 and 1978
>and they are both 20 minutes long. 
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>> The Brief Return of Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
>> Lydia Lunch deigns to viciously insult her adoring fans once again
>> by Jason Gross
>> June 17th, 2008 12:00 AM
>> At least half this band's name is totally accurate.
>> Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
>> Knitting Factory
>> June 13
>> Thirty years ago, her metallic guitar strums, monotone
>> yells, and pounding rhythms defined a scene that seized
>> the outcast trappings, brief songs, and basic
>> instrumentation of punk, twisting it into an extremist
>> art-world deconstruction of the music. Convinced that
>> her band had run its course, she killed off TJ after
>> three years and lived the bohemian life, bouncing around
>> the U.S. and Europe, tirelessly crafting numerous
>> nefarious art projects. But where Lunch was anxious to
>> be the dominatrix here in an S&M show, attacking with
>> noise and words instead of whips, the crowds for these
>> two sold-out shows played along somewhat passively, even
>> after a barrage of Lunch's insults. You might chalk up
>> that mostly rapt response to typical indie lethargy, but
>> in this case we were also gawking at the elaborate,
>> bizarre, nostalgic spectacle of it all (many folks in
>> the crowd were born after TJ expired). Even as she
>> effectively tore through the whole TJ catalog in 11
>> songs, no one seemed pissed about a 20-minute set, which
>> was actually double the length of their old shows.
>> As such, the Dadaesque humor of the music didn't
>> connect. The sight of the relatively tiny Lunch
>> sandwiched between the towering, stone-faced pair of
>> former TJ bassist (now drummer) Jim Sclavunos and TJ fan
>> Moore on bass was hilarious enough. But compare her 1978
>> TJ performance on the recent Video Hysterie compilation
>> to this one: On top of a modified proto-goth/death-metal
>> sound, her voice now has several more layers of
>> slapstick bile, though her crazed slide solos on "Red
>> Alert," "Baby Doll," and "Orphans" could still make a
>> dead man (Elmore James, say) cum. But if the music
>> didn't quite convey the comedy and confrontation she
>> intended, her abusive exchanges with the fans (who
>> perversely enjoyed her taunts) got the point across. A
>> few hecklers challenged her, but her skills as a
>> lifelong provocateur didn't make it a fair fight: "You
>> suck!" rejoined by "I do, but not for you!" was as edgy
>> at it got. She even had harsh words for Moore and
>> Sclavunos when they missed their cues. Usually, she
>> answered the applauding audience with venom, ordering us
>> to "Shut up" more than Little Richard does, replying to
>> "It sounds fucking great!" with "Like I don't fucking
>> know that!", and just throwing punches out of nowhere:
>> "You'd love to fuck me, but you can't afford it," "You
>> have no fucking clue," "Don't expect a fuckin' encore
>> 'cause you're not getting one," and her concluding
>> retort, "Thanks for nothing!" Whether she intended it or
>> not, that too was part of the evening's entertainment.
>> As she left, a so-called admirer yelled, "Fuck you,
>> Lydia!", which went unanswered this time. It was the
>> best compliment she could have hoped for.
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