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Seeing all those flyers pasted up like that reminds me of Wunderground, an
exhibit here in Providence featuring an exhaustive floor-to-ceiling array
Ft. Thunder-related poster art and flyers. There's some
stylistic/philosophical corollary to No Wave too...


Back to UT for a second, they're not the easiest band in the world to
Google-search. I did a  career-spanning interview with them in 2006. 1st of
3 parts starts here:


I also wrote a cover story on No Wave for the Prov. Phoenix. My editor was
totally on my wavelength and not only put James Chance on the cover but gave
prominent placement to  Ut photo as well.


They deserve far more attention than they've gotten. I don't get why they've
been so unfairly neglected all these years. Marc Masters' book covers them
quite well. But I was really surprised that the Moore/Coley book had minimal
(not to mention largely incorrect) info about them. I expected more.

Jacqui's band Dial [http://dialmusic.net] are planning a tour for the fall.
If I get any more info I'll let you know.

One last Ut-related thing: I just posted a live track from a 1987 Belgium
show, if anyone's curious.


> From: WWWhatsup <joly at punkcast.com>
> Subject: [TypicalGirls] No Wave exhibit pic / UT
> Here's a pic from Pitchfork of the flyers at the exhibit that accompanied
> the
> Teenage Jesus show in NYC last weekend
> http://cms.pitchforkmedia.com/images/image/52110.teenagejesusandthejerks01.jpg
> Most seem to be for Tier 3 shows, more than one featuring UT - now there's
> a
> band that would not be out of place in today's music world. I guess they
> don't get
> so much recognition because they moved to England. Whatever happened to
> them?
> j
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