[TypicalGirls] Bruce Connor photo show in Berkeley

J Neo Marvin j_n_e_o at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 11 23:37:54 EDT 2008

That clip is great. Annie is one of the great unsung punk photographers who was there at the beginning. It's about time she started tooting her own horn.

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> The Bruce Conner exhibit is fantastic.  There's also a corresponding 
> film series across the street at Pacific Film Archives that will 
> include an evening of Target Video clips, and one week later a 
> screening of Decline of Western Civilization with Penelope Spheeris 
> in attendance.
> And speaking of Bay Area punk photographers, here's a link to a clip 
> on CurrentTV on legally blind photographers that interviews Annie 
> Hesse.   She also documented some amazing shows at the Mab (Avengers, 
> Nico, etc.).  This video includes some of her photos of the Clash and 
> Mighty Diamonds.
> http://current.com/items/89001928_blind_but_in_focus
> - Alan
> At 11:01 AM 6/10/2008, Larry Roberts wrote:
> >Filmmaker and artist Bruce Connor took photos at SF punk venue
> >Mabuhay Gardens.  There's a current exhibit of his photos at the Berkeley
> >Art Museum, including of the Avengers.
> >
> >http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/exhibition/bruce_conner
> >
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