[TypicalGirls] Bruce Connor photo show in Berkeley

Sharon Cheslow decomposition at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 10 18:29:52 EDT 2008

I'm also writing too fast.  I meant "their manager at one point."

>I love Bruce Connner's work.  Didn't he do a Controller's video?
>Maybe I'm thinking of Al Hansen who was there manager at one.  My
>memory is failing me.
>The film of Target video clips is the one I just saw last weekend.
>Lots of TG related material, besides the Bush Tetras which I already
>mentioned.  There are clips of:  Avengers, Germs, Siouxsie & the
>Banshees, Mutants, Cramps, etc.
>>The Bruce Conner exhibit is fantastic.  There's also a corresponding
>>film series across the street at Pacific Film Archives that will
>>include an evening of Target Video clips, and one week later a
>>screening of Decline of Western Civilization with Penelope Spheeris
>>in attendance.
>>And speaking of Bay Area punk photographers, here's a link to a clip
>>on CurrentTV on legally blind photographers that interviews Annie
>>Hesse.   She also documented some amazing shows at the Mab (Avengers,
>>Nico, etc.).  This video includes some of her photos of the Clash and
>>Mighty Diamonds.
>>- Alan
>>At 11:01 AM 6/10/2008, Larry Roberts wrote:
>>>Filmmaker and artist Bruce Connor took photos at SF punk venue
>>>Mabuhay Gardens.  There's a current exhibit of his photos at the Berkeley
>>>Art Museum, including of the Avengers.
>  >  >http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/exhibition/bruce_conner

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