[TypicalGirls] Bruce Connor photo show in Berkeley

Alan Korn aakorn at igc.org
Tue Jun 10 15:45:06 EDT 2008

The Bruce Conner exhibit is fantastic.  There's also a corresponding 
film series across the street at Pacific Film Archives that will 
include an evening of Target Video clips, and one week later a 
screening of Decline of Western Civilization with Penelope Spheeris 
in attendance.

And speaking of Bay Area punk photographers, here's a link to a clip 
on CurrentTV on legally blind photographers that interviews Annie 
Hesse.   She also documented some amazing shows at the Mab (Avengers, 
Nico, etc.).  This video includes some of her photos of the Clash and 
Mighty Diamonds.


- Alan

At 11:01 AM 6/10/2008, Larry Roberts wrote:

>Filmmaker and artist Bruce Connor took photos at SF punk venue
>Mabuhay Gardens.  There's a current exhibit of his photos at the Berkeley
>Art Museum, including of the Avengers.
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