[TypicalGirls] The History of No Wave and New York Post Punk By Thurston Moore & Byron Coley

Daniel Selzer danselzer at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 9 19:54:22 EDT 2008

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> David Bowie weighs in with "Moore and Coley wade into the
> mire that was No Wave and pull all kinds of order into it,
> if that could be possible. I've never been part of a
> scene, though if I were I might have opted for this one."

ha! I love Bowie, but they never would've had him. Hell, Eno wasn't even cool enough to hang with most of them!

Been revisiting the No Wave stuff as I'm finally reading Marc Master's book, and checking out "No Wave Week" over at Warped Reality:


Not sure if I could/would be able to make it to the Teenage Jesus show, but they've announced the opening band, Information, one of those lost No Wave bands who appeared on Tape #1. That definitely sweetens the pot a bit. 

Oneida at the kitchen the same night though. (they're also playing Saturday but can't make that).



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