[TypicalGirls] ymg reminder + MYOB

Dina Hornreich dina.hornreich at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 18:10:59 EDT 2007

Dear friends:

I enjoyed that RG thread last week. Many interesting ideas to ponder: 
learning from the past vs. living in the present (why can't we do both?); 
intended audience on small scale (for those who get it) vs. an the 
unintended mass media who often misconstrue things due to a lack of context; 
etc. Too much to respond to right now, but lots of intellectual fodder 
(which I always welcome).

One thought that I do recall passing through my mind (as I sifted through 
the dialogue in my inbox) was that musical innovation (well, that which is 
most appealing to me anyhow) is typically a fleeting and almost accidental 
thing. Whether it is the genuine need to get something important off your 
chest or a unique combination of like-minded individuals fortunate enough to 
be united by the cosmos in just the right way... I don't think revolution is 
as calculated as it might seem in hindsight (especially in an academic 
context where you have a thesis to prove). Feel free to argue with me, if 
I'm being impetuous...just my gut reaction. I do think that people are 
brought together by common "cognitive style" -- and maybe something big 
happens to trigger them to react in just the right way. Looking back, it 
makes sense. At the time of innovation, most people are inclined to ignore 
or detest it. People often soften with time -- as they get used to new 
concepts, ideas, approaches, etc.

I too heard MYOB in "Stranger than Fiction" and it made me feel quite giddy. 
I also heard that same song while eating brunch in Udi's bakery/cafe (a 
favorite Denver establishment) one Friday morning not so long ago. In fact, 
I've often spied the Delta 5 reissue CD on the racks at our tiny 
neighborhood branch of the Denver Public Library (never in the same place 
twice). It makes me feel like these tiny little bits of subversion have been 
injected into the world -- for those who care to notice...

I just picked up my copy of the 3CD Young Marble Giants reissued -- I had to 
special order it because they sold out of their 1 copy last week. So glad 
that's out there in the cosmos, as well.


"Nothing will benefit health and increase the chances for survival of life 
on Earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." - Albert Einstein 

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