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Hey Helen...

Does this mean your book is finally out?


(...and that us Americans have to order it from overseas?)


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> [Helen's book launch and the Slits @ McCarren -
> lots of great pics on the page - yes I wrote to
> her about that Ana clunker]
> http://bbcamerica.com/content/216/index.jsp
> Lost Women of Rock FOUND!
> posted Tuesday, August 28, 2007
> Emotion and excitement bubbled like the champagne at the lunch in
> London's hip Portobello Road that writer, artist and activist
> Caroline Coon put together for 'The Lost Women of Rock Music:
> female musicians of the punk era,' (Ashgate Books) by Dr. Helen
> Reddington. It was old home week for first wave punk rock grrrlz,
> and British punk legends, Lora Logic, and her old bandmate in X
> Ray Spex, Poly Styrene, were both there with personality-packed
> daughters! There were also various MoDettes, Belle Stars, and
> others.
> Caroline gave a great speech, which you will be able to see a bit
> of right here (coming soon!). The author used to play in a
> Brighton punk band called The Chefs as Helen McCookeryBook.
> Classic punk rage at how girl punk musicians have been ignored
> and written out of history -- see, that's why it starts with
> "his"! -- inspired Helen to write this valuable book. It began as
> an academic thesis but will reach much further.
> The seriously cool guys, like Kurt Cobain, who championed the
> Raincoats, and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, do get the greatness
> of the girls. Supported by London's original punky reggae female
> rockers, the Slits, Sonic Youth performed the whole of their
> 'Daydream Nation,' at McCarren Pool, a hipster hangout in
> Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Onstage Moore hailed up the Slits and
> called Ari Up "My hero!" Although Thurston later humbly said "I
> just kept my head down and tried to get through to the end," the
> show really felt like a journey, epic and emotional. Kim Gordon
> is a sultry, brooding rock star, with a fluid, forceful bass
> style, who scores double 'cos guys love her and the females in
> the audience all sense she's a sister.
> The new generation of Slits, like Hollie Cook, keep the vibe
> alive. Hollie is original punk rock royalty as her father's Paul,
> the drummer of the Sex Pistols, and her mother is Jennie of the
> Belle Stars, who was in great form at the Women In Punk lunch.
> You can also hear Hollie on 'Milk And Honey,' the single from a
> new release that I love, called "Survival of The Fattest:
> Battling the forces of evil with hippy reggae," by Prince Fatty.
> It's the new project by Mike Pelanconi, the producer/engineer who
> made the smash "Alright, Still," with Lily Allen.
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