[TypicalGirls] Riot Grrrl book

Kelsey Guntharp kbguntha at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 14 16:18:10 EDT 2007

I totally understand where you and Layla are coming from. I think that being 
there in the beginning of something that was blown up and out and under 
lends an attachment that would definitely lead to a desire for privacy and 
personal memories.
On the other hand I also feel like there is no use in fighting the 
inevitable result of this technologically advanced uh, situation. All we can 
really do is try and be now. show love. play music...
i think it's great that we have such a wide variety of "news" outlets 
available to us. personal, published, music, writing, art... even medical. 
it's amazing and inspiring. and maybe a bit scary on many levels... and yes, 
it seems like maybe people are getting caught up in the ephemera. but shit! 
this is the first time we can actually FIND some ephemera! and who knows 
what great directions this might take future generations. Man, i know this 
is a por comparison, but Anne Frank's Diary was meant for HER eyes only. but 
look what good it has done. especially with the last generations of living 
witnesses dying.
anyway. i think the future of documentation is so interesting and valuable. 
and scary. did i say that already? but inevitable!


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>well,,,there is a difference in perspective....if you made something
>when you were 18 with the intent of 5 people reading it, would you
>want it on the internet when you are 38? not necsesarily...i'm not
>opposed to having some of my old work out there, i'm intending to make
>it available on my own terms, but i have no interest in making a
>fanzine 'available for download'...to me, fanzines are all about
>context....those zines were not made for everyone...they were made in
>a community for a community and often that was a community of less
>than 20 people...i don't find that any more elitist than going over to
>someone's house for dinner rather than having a banquet. obviously the
>conversations you have with your friends over dinner are going to be
>different than a speech you'd give at an awards ceremony...sorry if
>this is warped by my personal persepctive/neurosis, but there you have
>it...i also love ephermal art and view fanzines in the same way...
>the thing about saying that young people missed out because they were
>young doesn't hold up because anyone can make a fanzine. those zines
>aren't any better than anything anyone could make right now. that is
>why the fanzine is a great art form. it's there for the taking...
>time to get in the van! nice to see everyone in the bay area...hi layla!
>ps there is actually an overabundance of academic writing on riot
>grrl, but some of it is good, just search online or on jstor or
>something like that and you'll get overwhelmed. it's not like people
>haven't archived it and analyzed it to death already....what needs to
>happen is another movement, not more documentation, well,,,,that's
>more than my two cents, but there you have it
>On 9/14/07, mike at appelstein.com <mike at appelstein.com> wrote:
> > I understand what you're saying, and I definitely understand the
> > tendency to look at the past through rose-colored glasses.  But at the
> > same time, why should latecomers miss out on inspiring
> > art/music/writing just because they happened to be too young, or just
> > otherwise occupied, the first time?  I don't think there's anything
> > wrong with exploring the past, especially if it helps inspire the
> > future.  Perhaps a balance of past and present works best.
> >
> > -Mike
> > mike at appelstein.com
> > http://djearlybird.blogspot.com
> > http://www.youngmarblegiants.com
> >
> > Quoting Layla Gibbon <lpgibbon at yahoo.com>:
> >
> > > One of the things I like about punk culture is that it
> > > is transient. It kind of annoys me that suddenly now
> > > everyone is so reverent towards the ephemera, people
> > > bidding on ebay for fanzines and demos that would have
> > > disappeared in previous generations.
> >
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